As a GP, I was very interested to find out whether the remedial massage would help with some muscular problems that I have been having. With regard to her massage therapist work, she is highly professional in her role as a therapist. She is welcoming and relaxed but takes great care to ensure your personal comfort and privacy during the treatment. Her assessment and treatment is very thorough, she is fluent and knowledgeable, and displays great interest and enthusiasm for the subject. Her treatment was very effective in my case.

Dr Corrine Else, GP


I booked myself in for an appointment with Amanda as I had a few ailments, unable to stand up-right immediately after a prolonged period sat at my desk, unable to raise my right foot high enough off the floor to be able to put my shoes and socks on, twinging above my left knee while training and limited motion in my left shoulder.  Over 6 sessions Amanda carried out her treatment, however it was unlike the massage therapy I have had in the past, more physical leverage, stretching and manipulation.  Amanda identified problems in my posture and has given me advice and work sheets to help myself develop weakened muscles and stretch tight ligaments, increasing my overall movement.  I have been really pleased with the results she has produced and have already recommended her to my work colleagues.

Tim Ward, SCOF Engineer


I have been a regular cyclist (covering 60-100 mile training rides and sportives most weekends, plus two intensive/turbo sessions mid-week) for around six years, but at the beginning of the 2013 season I started to suffer with stiffness in both calf muscles during rides, and particularly with pain behind the right knee during and after rides. Mandy was able to treat both problems over a series of massage sessions, and I am now cycling happy once again!

David Else, Travel Writer


My right shoulder started experiencing uncomfortable pains following a competitive court game. I have reasonable fitness however felt as if I had overreached or sprained something in my shoulder and needed to seek help.  Having consulted Amanda, she was very professional and carried out a detailed examination/analysis on the issue.  The key areas for my symptoms analysed were my posture, flexibility, soft tissue areas.  She diagnosed that I had restricted flexibility in the movement of my shoulder and my subscapularis had locked up which was the main cause of my problem.  With just one treatment session with Amanda, she massaged and stretched out root issues.  Then on all pain was gone which was absolutly amazing.  Subsequent treatments addressed my posture and continued to improve flexibilty.  I feel brand new and like I’m ten years younger.  I was very impressed with Amanda’s analysis, research, enthusiasm and attention to the issues which I had and best of all solving my pain.

Angus Boyd, IT Project Manager


Overall I felt that the treatments were really helpful. When I started I had swelling around the knee and was walking with a slight limp. The massage therapy sessions helped to release the tightness that had developed and reduce the swelling. I am walking much freer now and am happy with the results.

Nicol Clayton, Dietician