Supporting local Triathletes – 15% off treatments for Chippenham Tri members

Amanda is always keen to work with local clubs and can offer discounts to its members.  For sports men/women regular treatment can help prevent injury and keep muscles in balance.  Often Triathletes have fairly hefty training schedules that often involve up to 20 hours a week spilt between strength work outs, cycling, running and swimming  and as a result can have a positive impact on overused soft tissue or helping reduce the onset of delayed muscle soreness.

Massage can have a number of benefits in a sporting related capacity and used widely by my clients:

  • Reduced neurological excitability – Post exercise excessive muscle tone can be reduced. Muscle tone and length can be restored alongside improving the range of movement of muscles.
  • Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness – during exercise, the muscles produce lactic acid especially in eccentric muscle actions. Massage helps to remove this through the lymphatic flow.
  • Deactivates trigger points of pain – Offer customers refer of pain in a wide area, this is often radiation type pain from a localised source. Massage is used to remove nodules of taut muscle fibres and address referred pain or local twitch response of a muscle. These compression techniques are used to de-active these trigger points, often with thumbs and elbows.
  • Alters and correct muscle firing patterns – Taping or strapping techniques are used with success to relieve pressure on swollen injured soft tissue or to alter the firing patterns of muscles of muscles are working in the correct order during a movement.
  • It supports the natural healing process post injury – for overuse injuries or injuries associated with training regimes, treatment in the acute phase of injury recovery (over 24-48 hours) has been found to have benefits in terms of preventing swelling, reducing scar – tissue adhesions and cross link formation of scar tissue, due to the warmth and increased blood flow applied to the tissues. After exercise, massage effectively works to reduce over shortening of tense muscles through increased sensory, known as the pain/spasm/pain cycle.

Some of the comments received:

“I’ve received a number of treatments in the past given my nature of competitiveness.  This recently has taken on a new level which has seen me up my training to around 20 hours a week in preparation to an Ironman competition.  Amanda has an amazing ability to feel the changes in my tissues and address the tightness and areas of inflammation.  She uses advanced techniques that incorporate increasing the end range of my muscle tissues and I walk out feeling restored and so much lighter! “ David Tucker Chippenham Tri Club

“I’ve been to see Amanda for various injuries on my ankle and knee over the past few years as well as receiving on going massage therapy.  Being new to Triathlons I’ve focused on a lot of strength work in the gym.  She’s an excellent therapist tailoring to your body’s exacting needs and ensuring muscle range are symmetrical and firing correctly” Fiona Butler Chippenham Tri Club

Amanda has also worked in the past with Netball clubs and Chippenham Wheelers.  Please contact Amanda is your club is interested.


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