Sports massage therapy

Sports massage in Chippenham

Any level of sporting involvement and ability can benefit from sport massage therapy. Whether you are an active sportsman and seek regular maintenance or are recuperating after an injury or postural condition, treatments can be tailored to help condition and rehabilitate your soft tissues. I offer a comprehensive range of sport massage in Chippenham.

Sports massage in ChippenhamDeep tissue massage is often integrated into clinical rehabilitation and can help speed up recovery post injury and is regarded as a popular therapy for all sports-related musculoskeletal injuries.

Sports massage therapy uses advanced soft tissue techniques to improve circulation, optimise muscular balance, encourage the firing of inhibited muscles and help increase the muscle’s natural resting length.levtaping





Ideal for:

  • Sports massage – pre-event, post-event or as an on-going maintenance programme to aid performance
  • Sporting conditions – therapy to help treat tissues from repetitive type activity & overuse conditions
  • Injury & trauma – treatments can effectively reduce swelling after 48 hours of injury & work towards tissue recovery / rehabilitation and to prevent reoccurrance
  • Postural imbalances – often caused by injury/illness, imbalances can be restored by restoring inhibited muscles and preventing compensation patterns developing
  • Stress related conditions – increase circulation, lymphatic drainage and reduce localised pain

Kinesiology taping can be used as an integral part of your treatment to aid recovery.

Your treatment will involve looking at your body as a whole to help restore freedom and efficiency of movement. Feel free to call or email at any time for a conversation about my sports massage in Chippenham.