Remedial massage therapy

Remedial massage therapy

Reduce pain and restore muscular balance

Everything we do in life impacts our musculoskeletal system, adapting our postures and movement patterns over time. Whether you are recovering from a long-term illness, suffering from an injury, stress or have had a recent trauma to your soft tissues, these can all lead to muscle inhibition, remedialalterations in our motor control, muscle stiffening and ultimately lead to changes in our movement patterns.

Clinical remedial massage therapy uses soft tissue techniques to reduce fascial restrictions, muscle tightness and maximise balance of your tissues and help remedy the condition.

Ideal for:
• Injury related to work or activity – ie. RSI, overuse, postural concerns
• Problems with joint mobility – hip, knee, ankle, neck, shoulder & back
• Pre-existing musculoskeletal conditions – both acute and chronic stages
• Medical & stress related conditions – ie. tension headaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia
• Restoring efficiency in movement – after an illness, accident where there may be restricted mobility in the tissues
• Relaxation & physical well-being – aiding maintenance to the soft tissue condition

Your treatment will involve looking at your body as a whole to help restore freedom and efficiency of movement.