Sport and remedial massage therapy

Sport and remedial massage therapy uses hands massage and advanced soft tissue techniques to help rehabilitate your muscloskeletal system – your muscles, ligaments and tendons and restore muscular balance.

Sport, lifestyle, work and stress can all play havoc with our bodies in time, leading to a chain of compensation patterns developing causing changes to our posture and ultimately pain.

Based on sound clinical reasoning, treatments involve targeted advanced soft tissue and fascial based movement techniques to remedy & rehabilitate the condition.

Effective in the treatment of sports conditions/performance, injury, stress & postural concerns:

  • Tension headaches
  • Back pain
  • Neck & shoulder discomfort
  • Hip, knee & ankle problems
  • Joint restrictions
  • Repetition strain injuries
  • Overly tight muscles
  • Chronic muscular conditions causing aches & pains
Clinical sport & remedial therapist
Whatever your concern, I aim to reduce pain, support optimum movement and rehabilitate your soft tissues, allowing you to return to your chosen activity as soon as possible and help to prevent it reoccurring.

sport and remedial massage therapy